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About Us

Your Guide to Successful to Agency Growth and Sales

Unlocking the path to maximizing your agency’s value.


You need a trusted partner in the challenging journey of growing and selling your marketing agency. I understand that agency founders like you are primarily focused on maintaining their  businesses, but not always growing and selling them. However, when the unexpected happens, and potential buyers come knocking, you might find yourself unprepared and facing tough decisions.

We embody our mission through a 4-point approach, dedicated to guiding agency founders like you through the challenging journey of  growing and selling your marketing agency.

Who am I?

David Rodnitzky

I’m David Rodnitzky, the founder of a consulting firm dedicated to helping marketing agency founders grow their businesses and navigate the complexities of selling. My journey in the marketing industry started in 2000 at, where I led a pioneering shift towards search engine marketing (SEM), setting a precedent for success. 

Over my career, I’ve held significant roles at notable companies, pushing the envelope in marketing strategies and SEM innovations. In 2008, I founded 3Q Digital, which saw exceptional growth under my leadership. 

Recognized as a top Google agency partner and featured in prestigious publications, my contributions to the industry have been acknowledged with awards, such as the University of Iowa’s 2021 Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Through my firm, I leverage my experience to support agency founders in maximizing their sale outcomes. Living in San Mateo, CA, with my family and dog, I’m passionate about creating equal opportunities for founders in the agency growth and sale process.

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