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Now What?

Selling your agency is a significant decision that involves not just the practicalities of the market, but also emotional considerations. With expert guidance, you can navigate these complexities, ensuring the process is not only smooth but also maximizes your agency’s value. Our approach demystifies the selling process, highlights key preparation steps, and sets the stage for a successful transition.

We have personally worked on agency M&A deals in excess of $500 million of value. We’ll help you get a deal you love.

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What Do I Need To

Prepare for Sale

Preparing your agency for sale is a detailed process that requires attention to several key areas to make your agency an attractive proposition for buyers. This includes conducting thorough financial audits to ensure transparency, optimizing operational efficiencies to showcase a well-run organization, and enhancing your client portfolio to demonstrate robust business health and potential for future growth. Each step is designed to not only appeal to potential buyers but also to maximize the sale value of your agency.

How Can We Help

We can help with:

  • Understanding valuation ranges
  • Deciding when to sell, if ever!
  • Considering alternatives to a sale
  • Interviewing, evaluating, and negotiating terms with investment banks, accountants, and law firms
  • Preparing your financials and business overview
  • Identifying potential acquirers
  • Creating a Confidential Information
  • Memorandum (CIM)
  • Pitching your business story to acquirers
  • Evaluating and negotiating IOIs and LOIs
  • Negotiating the purchase agreement
  • Deciding whether to stay on after an exit
  • Notifying clients and staff about a sale
  • Developing a transition strategy

Our Services: Ready To Sell?

We'll Put You on a Level Playing Field

Market Valuation

Understanding the true market value of your agency is critical for a successful sale. Our market valuation service provides a detailed analysis of your agency’s worth in the current market, taking into account industry trends, competitive landscape, and financial performance. This foundational insight sets the stage for informed decision-making and strategic planning for the sale.

Sale Preparation Consulting

Our sale preparation consulting services are designed to meticulously prepare your agency for sale, focusing on enhancing its value and attractiveness to potential buyers. We delve into strategic improvements, from operational enhancements to financial optimization, ensuring your agency presents its best possible face to the market.

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